The halal version of "Fire Noodles", or more accurately the Buldak Bokkeum Myeon (Hot Fried Chicken Noodles) by Korea's Samyang Foods, is now available in Singapore.

The product has gone viral across the world for its YouTube taste test-worthy spiciness and was constantly sold out when it first hit the shelves at local Korean and Sheng Siong supermarkets.

Samyang Fire Noodles in Singapore

Now, Muslims in Singapore can try it, too - not only do most Sheng Siong outlets across town have the version certified Halal by the Korean Muslim Federation, stock also seems to be quite abundant.

The Halal version doesn't come in packets, but 105g cups priced at $2.60 each. The Halal logo can be seen on the lower part of the label in green and white.

Samyang Fire Noodles in Singapore

Photos: Halal in the City