Not to be outdone by hipster establishments and their increasingly whacky food mash-ups, KFC has finally launched their own in Singapore, where the chain has been certified halal.  

The Chizza - a crustless fried chicken fillet "pizza" - was actually introduced in 2015, but only in the Philippines, after which it made its way to Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and Korea.

It became available in Singapore on Wednesday (Feb 8) for $5.10 (a la carte) and $7.40 (as part of a meal). 

Like pizza, the hand-sized chicken breast is slathered in toppings like melted mozzarella, chicken ham and pineapple chunks, which you can axe in a special order. 

The response on their Facebook page has been mixed, with some describing its size and sloppy presentation as a "major fail", while others say that it's "delicious" if you can look past the surface. 

Have you tried? And if not, will you?