The LalooLalang online store, founded by Suria celebrity Huda Ali, has been busy this past year holding pop-ups across the island and its latest looks like it could be the best one yet - if you're into glitter and rainbows. 

Held at the Esplanade Waterfront, the bazaar kicks off Friday (Aug 5) at 3pm to 10pm. Opening hours are the same on Monday, but on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday (that's a public holiday), the shindig will start at noon. 

There'll be more than 50 stalls selling food, apparel, crafts and accessories, and these are the ones we reckon you should keep an eye out for: 

'Galaxy doughnuts'

Even die-hard trend haters may not be able to resist these doughnuts that look like they've been cut out of nebula, courtesy of Sinseh: The Grocery

Macaron ice-cream sandwiches 

These babies, which come in flavours like Oreo, Nutella and salted caramel, were a hit at the recent Ramadan bazaars, so we don't see why they wouldn't fly off the counters again this time. Barakah-Fe will also debut its version of a European street food, raclette over potatoes, so look out for that if you're into melted cheese. 

Paddlepop pudding drinks

Perghh's known for two things - corn dogs and bottles of colourful, milky drinks with bits of pudding in them that look like the iconic Paddle Pop ice-cream (and who can resist that?). 

Rainbow bagels 

Rainbow bagels from Word

Upper Thomson cafe Word's back with their multi-hued bagels, so if you missed them at the last Geylang Ramadan Bazaar, here's your chance. 

Gold Brew and Unicorn Tears (top photo; Dapper Coffee)

If we could go for only one item (wait, two) at LalooLalang's bazaar, it'll be these. Dapper Coffee's somehow come up with with a cold brew that shimmers and shines when you shake the bottle, plus a mocktail in a brilliant aqua blue that glitters and looks like a Lush bath bomb just exploded. 

Lemper ayam

Ratu Lemper

After we've had our liquid gold, we're coming for these next. They don't glitter, but they should. If you've had some of Ratu Lemper's signature glutinous rice cakes with chicken (comes in three flavours - regular, spicy and er, real spicy), you'll know what we mean. If not, you should come early and straight for them - they're sold out by 4pm practically everyday at the Baghdad Street store. 

Nasi lemak burger

MakanSutra, the F&B brand founded by well-known local food critic KF Seetoh, is going 'hipster', by the looks of their offerings at this bazaar. Nothing surprises us anymore these days, but nasi lemak burger? This we gotta see. 

For more information, head over to the Esplanade Festival Village website

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