McDonald's has launched a healthier and more upscale new concept in Hong Kong and Singapore might just be next. 

Amusingly, that's the name of the "modern and progressive" restaurant - McDonald's Next. Flaunting industrial-style glass and metal furnishings, Hong Kong's Admiralty Central outlet serves bespoke gourmet burgers and fresh pastries, and has a salad bar comprising 19 ingredients including the quintessential superfood, quinoa. There's even table service after 6pm!

McDonald's Next Singapore

If you think it's possible for something to be "too healthy", the regular menu is still available for you to "balance" your asparagus salad out with a Filet-o-Fish. 

The fast food chain hasn't announced plans to open more of these outside of Hong Kong, but among its more cosmopolitan neighbours, Singapore seems to the most prepped to receive the McDonald's Next concept. Many of its outlets are already fitted with some of the Next features, such as the touchscreen self-order kiosks and Create Your Taste customisable burger concept.

See more photos of McDonald's Next in Hong Kong: 

McDonald's Next Singapore

McDonald's Next Singapore