Soon, an order of "extra curry sauce" will mean something different at McDonald's outlets in Singapore. 

The fast food chain announced on Friday (Jul 15) that it's hot (hah!) favourite condiment will soon be available for sale in limited edition 375ml bottles. 

From Jul 21, fans can purchase up to four bottles in a single receipt for $4.50 each, along with any of their extra value meals.

However, the offer's only available after breakfast hours to walk-in customers at outlets other than the ones at Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic. The curry sauce bottles won't be included in their delivery menu. 

McDonald's signature sweet and spicy condiment is exclusive to Singapore and has been a merry accompaniment to their Chicken McNuggets since a decade ago. 

Despite several terrifying moments in in the last couple of years in which fans thought McDonald's would be discontinuing it due to dwindling suppliers, the sauce has always been readily available in 25g packets. 

But it was never enough. How many of us have sheepishly approached the service counters to ask for more curry sauce to go with an almost depleted regular-sized order of nuggets?

If you're fast enough next week, you won't have to do that again - at least not for a little while.