Penang Culture is serving up some traditional dishes with a twist this June. 

In celebration of its fifth anniversary, the halal Penang food chain in Singapore is introducing a total of eight new items at its three outlets islandwide (Century Square, Changi Airport and Jem).

Menu highlights include their consistently delicious fried kway teow mixed in with mashed salted egg and topped with a generous helping of mud crab (top photo; $15.95). 

Lobster scallop prawn noodles Penang Culture

Also worth trying is their elevated version of Hokkien prawn noodles, with pieces of scallop and a whole slipper lobster ($16.95).

If like us you have a soft spot for the famous Penang assam laksa, order their new version with Norwegian salmon ($11.95), or if you prefer the salmon on its own, get their barbecued rendition ($11.95), which comes with head chef Wong Thin Lipp's signature fragrant sambal. 

Salmon Penang Culture

Other items on the menu: Penang Fire Wings ($6.55), Penang curry fish balls ($4.95), Chef's Eggplant Special ($7.95) and Penang curry baked rice ($8.95).