A new viral food sensation has arrived in Singapore.

Overdose is essentially a Malaysian brand of ice-cold milk-based drinks in flavours like chocolate, cappuccino, hazelnut and er, kopi durian. The big draw? It breathes new life to the traditional takeaway drink (or "air paket" as it's known in colloquial Malay) with giant vacuum-sealed plastic bags that won't keel over and cause a dreadful mess if you let go of its handle.

Imagine an "air paket" that remains cold in the merciless heatwave and can stand on its own!

Overdose has appeared at pop-ups in high-traffic "hipster" spots across the Causeway such as JB's Kilang Bateri and it's been available here since early March thanks to local personality Shahrizal Salleh, or Chef Bob as he's better known. 

According to Mr Shahrizal's Facebook page, Overdose in Singapore is his joint venture with the folks behind local skatewear store Miz 29. 

Overdose is available for $5 per pack at Ooriginal, the latest cafe to open in East Village. We hear they're planning to offer other local foodie obsessions, such as apam balik (or murtabak manis) and roti bakar - with a twist!