After teasing us all month with food shots and delicious words of wisdom, the time has finally come for Eighteen Chefs' Benny Se Teo to launch his new halal cafe. 

Seng Kee the Black Seed will open end-April at Bugis Junction and in Chef's own words, will offer "kopi, sandwiches and gourmet nasi Padang".

Who can resist a giveaway like that? Here are some dishes Chef Benny has hinted will be on the menu (scroll down to see a mock-up he uploaded!) that we're already dreaming about: 

Beef rendang with basmati rice (top photo)

Chef says his take on the Malay "caramelised beef curry" can be served two ways - "on a plate of piping hot basmati rice or in a foccacia sandwich". And while we're on the topic of bread, he adds that he's working with Chef Judy Koh of Creative Culinaire to make "artisanal bread" for Seng Kee the Black Seed.

Duck devil's curry  

Seng Kee the Black Seed devil's curry

Love devil's curry? Seng Kee the Black Seed is presumably catering to the local curious 'hipster' palate by replacing chicken with duck and a casserole dish with a bread bowl.

Half-boiled eggs

Seng Kee the Black Seed eggs

"I think I've perfected the art of making absolutely flawless half-boiled eggs," says Chef. And by the looks of his photos, we think so too. 

Kacang pool

Seng Kee the Black Seed kacang pool

The texture of Chef Benny's kacang pool is uncharacteristic of the popular Malaysian dish, but it still looks good - especially with that poached egg sitting on it. 

Roast duck with wild rocket

Seng Kee the Black Seed roast duck

Aside from the sambal sotong, the roast duck with wild rocket is another item we'd like to try from the mainstay sandwich menu at Seng Kee the Black Seed.  

Seng Kee the Black Seed menu