We all know what the middle of Ramadan can be like - the days are somehow shorter, yet the list of things to do keeps growing longer and you find yourself with hardly any time to cook, much less plan even a small iftar gathering. We're here to help - here's a variety of good halal restaurants in Singapore that deliver islandwide, with some offering the service specially for the Ramadan breaking of fast. 

Cafe food: Butterscotch Cafe

Butterscotch churros

The halal cafes in Singapore are great, but as expected can be quite difficult to squeeze into during Ramadan. This year, Butterscotch is bringing their burgers, meat chops, pasta and even coffee and churros to you. Mains start from $18. 

How to order: Visit their delivery website at least three hours in advance. Delivery charges and minimum order depend on your location and payment is by Paypal

Korean fried chicken: 4 Fingers 

4 Fingers iftar delivery

Practically their entire menu - including their signature crispy chicken wings and drumsticks with sticky, umami sauce - is available for delivery. Besides their different sizes (which makes them suitable for all kinds of occasions), 4 Fingers orders are also easily stored - so you can keep leftovers for sahur (or for when you're watching the late-night Euro matches). 

How to order: Key in your postal code on Deliveroo or Foodpanda at least a few hours in advance. Delivery fees and minimum order vary

Middle Eastern rice bento from Balqis the Bistro (top photo)

Balqis is located in a growing Islamic hotspot - Simpang Bedok's East Village - but its size makes it not so ideal for iftar gatherings. Luckily, you can take their food home, namely their $12 set that comprises lamb, jojah kebab (grilled saffron chicken) and your choice of bukhari, majboos or mendhi rice. There's also a salad with pomegranate dressing, plus kunafa, a pastry made with cheese and sugar syrup. 

How to order: Call 9666-2596 at least a day in advance to make a minimum order of two sets. Delivery fees depend on your location and payment is by bank transfer

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Nasi ambeng from Padi

Iftar delivery Padi

Another restaurant that's great, but maybe not always ready for a group walk-in is Padi. The nasi ambeng here's relatively light, but satiating, which makes their platters great for iftar. Dulangs are priced at $14 to $60 each (depending on how many are sharing). They also have satay and a small selection of Western food available for delivery. 

How to order: Call 8798-7891 at least one day in advance. Prices include delivery and payment is by bank transfer

Nasi briyani from Islamic Restaurant

Iftar delivery Islamic Restaurant

A heritage restaurant serving some of Singapore's best briyani is delivering this Ramadan. On the menu: chicken, fish, mutton, prawn and vegetable briyani, as well as roti mariam and bubur lambuk. 

How to order: Call 6296-1161 to order at least three hours in advance. Minimum order is $60 and delivery charges are included 

Thai food from Greathai

There's a handful of halal Thai deliveries in the city, but we've chosen this relative newcomer because it's got an online checkout system and well, the food's delicious. The curries and tom yam soup - which everyone knows is the staple of any Thai meal here - are consistently quality, and they've got steamed fish too if you fancy it. 

How to order: Visit their delivery website to order at least three hours in advance. Delivery charges and minimum order depend on your location and payment is by Paypal

Do you have a favourite place to order iftar from? Send us a tip at editorial@halalinthecity.com