There'll be more than 30 participants at the third edition of Eiding the Feast (Jun 18, 12.30pm to 5pm at Agrobazaar) or ETF, a charity food bazaar that aims to fund iftar meals for children's homes in Singapore. Whether it's your first time attending the initiative or the third this guide should help a little in navigating through the sweetly-scented, rainbow-coloured smog in your head. 

Assortment of kuih raya 

Eiding the Feast 2016 pineapple tarts

From honey cornflakes and chocolate ganache cups to cookie pods and pineapple tarts (pictured, Eihnaaa Bakes), there'll be a decent selection of fuss-free kuih you can buy by the bottle or sample before ordering for the Hari Raya season. 

Biskoff blondies

Eiding the Feast 2016 biskoff blondies

Popular for their multi-flavoured brownie (top photo) platters, Shubby Sweets is making a comeback this year with one of their hottest options - Biskoff (the biscuit likely to have sparked the whole speculoos obsession). 

Chicken lemper 

Eiding the Feast 2016 ratu lemper

Lemper is a banana leaf-wrapped glutinous rice dumping with seasoned shredded chicken filling and if you haven't tried, Ratu Lemper is a great place to start. Launched recently in Kampong Glam, the store sells it in original and spicy, plus other community favourites such as nagasari, ondeh-ondeh and talam cendol. It'll be interesting to see what they bring to the plate at ETF this year. 

Japanese food

Eiding the Feast 2016 Inariku

Marhamah Sapandi will be selling takeaway spicy shoyu ramen and kitsune udon, plus sushi and other popular Inariku items, so you can have a Nippon-themed iftar.

Luscious dessert tarts

Eiding the Feast 2016 creme brulee tarts

Instagram favourite Pretty Awkward Pastry, participating in ETF for the first time, will be selling slices of their creme brulee and Thai milk tea tarts, plus new flavours.

Rainbow meringues

Eiding the Feast 2016 rainbow meringue

This one's for the wannabe unicorns - little rainbow meringues go on sale courtesy of vendors like The Cake Anthem and Rizq Delights.  

Whole cakes (well, sold in slices)

Eiding the Feast 2016 whole cakes

For the first time at ETF, a baker will be sponsoring eight whole cakes and it's none other than Buttered Scxtch, whose bakes you might've recognised at the recent Maqayla boutique anniversary event. 

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